The National Zoo & Aquarium announced the birth of a healthy baby female giraffe born to mum, Mzungu and dad, Shaba. The family of three can be seen on display in the zoo’s open range section. Take a good look at baby giraffe because The National Zoo & Aquarium will be holding a naming competition at the giraffe family enclosure during the ACT school holidays. Visitors will be able to submit their suggestion of a name for the giraffe calf with a winner being chosen by zoo staff on Monday 22 July. The winner will not only win bragging rights, but will also win a night at Jamala Wildlife Lodge.

“She has started to venture out into her enclosure with mum and is getting used to her surroundings. She’s very inquisitive and has been licking everything she can” said Senior Wildlife Keeper, Sophie Dentrinos.

The National Zoo & Aquarium is a part of the accredited international breeding program for giraffes, and this birth will prove of benefit to the continuation of their species.

“It had been a long wait for keepers and staff as it was a 15-month long pregnancy but we are so excited that she is finally here” said Dentrinos.

The addition of the calf brings the total number of giraffes at the National Zoo & Aquarium to four. Giraffe Treehouse guests at Jamala Wildlife Lodge meet and feed Humberkhali (Hummer), the bachelor giraffe from their balcony.