Local Murrumbateman winery, Yarrh Wines has just reopened and are introducing a new and improved cellar door and wine tasting experience.

In their newly refurbished cellar door, the winery invites participants to learn about their sustainable growing techniques and low intervention winemaking philosophy, to create that connection between the wines and the land.

“More and more, wine lovers are looking for a deeper engagement with their producers”, owner and winemaker Neil McGregor says, “we’d like new customers to get a better understanding of what we do, how we do it and even a little of why we do it, while also accommodating our regulars who want to simply taste the latest releases and make their selections.”

In Yarrh’s new tasting experience visitors will be taken on a guided tour of the vineyard and later enjoying a range of wines on the Wine Patio with a lovely selection of ‘tucker items’, an assortment of simple dishes designed to complement the wine tasting experience.

If you are looking to simply try new wines, visitors can enjoy a wine flight, where they will be seated at a beautifully hand-crafted timber table overlooking the vineyard and spectacular views of the Yass Valley River.

For those with more time and want a little something more, they are invited to try a ‘Winemaker’s Sail’, which includes a gourmet selection of foods curated seasonally by Yarrh’s winemaker Fiona Wholohan and paired with matching wines.

“To know what this block can produce, and its unique nuances, makes a visit truly memorable,” she says.

“We know how profoundly meaningful it can be to find a wine you love in a place you love. We aspire to provide the same to others!”

The new cellar door is now open for the public from Friday to Sunday and is the perfect place for you to explore the region’s beauty and enjoy all it has to offer. Bookings can be made online on their website.