To celebrate the release of Kodachrome we are giving you the chance to score a double pass to the film!

Synopsis: Divorced and on the verge of losing his job at an independent record label, Matt Ryder (Jason Sudeikis) is surprised and confused to find a strange young woman, Zooey Kern (Elizabeth Olsen) waiting in his office. A fast and fearless talker, Zooey reveals that she works for his estranged father, Ben Ryder (Ed Harris), a prestigious photographer who is dying of cancer. She has come to convince Matt to drive Ben from New York to Parsons, Kansas to the last photo lab to develop a special kind of film, Kodachrome, before Kodak shuts down the lab for good and the final contribution to his legacy is lost. Ben must get his last remaining rolls of Kodachrome film processed for one final exhibition.

In cinemas June 7.


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