When you work on Lonsdale eventually you’re going to try all the chips in close proximity. Here’s how we rate chips in Braddon.


Coming in a number one is Riesling bar Rizla. Who knew a bottle of white and some salty chips could pair together this well. You’d be fooling yourself if you only ordered one bowl. To date i’ve ended up with ploughing through at least two bowls per visit. Loaded with parmesan, shallots and a generous amount of salt, these fries take the win by far.


In second place Assembly! They have flavour you can see that you know will make you thirstier in the long run yet they are that good you wouldn’t dare leave any on your plate. Catch the shoestring fries with jerk spice on the side of your burger or grab a bowl with chipotle aioli dipping sauce to experience them in all their glory.

Burger Hero

A loud, satisfying crunch that’s hard to beat. The waffle fries from burger hero are designed to impress the masses. They rate well as a standalone, can be dressed up as vegan chilli waffle fries or smothered in a signature yellow cheese you know can’t be good for you but melts so stunningly through the waffle pattern.

Braddon Brew

The office go-to on a Friday evening after a long week. Straight to the $10 cocktail specials and a bowl of chips or potato gems. Braddon Brews passion for beer can be felt through the loaded fries with beer gravy and grated cheese. As a side note, if this was a potato gem competition there wouldn’t be a competition at all, Braddon Brew will take you back to your childhood with their gems!

Grease Monkey

It’s the perfect crunch to accompany those soft buns. Grease Monkey chips dipped in greasy sauce are a real winner on any day of the week. Like most things they hold up better in-store not takeaway, nevertheless they are always reliable and consistent.


Hops salt potatoes with your choice of brewery-made sauce. Good chips at a brewpub should be essential. These hop salted chips go down a treat with any cold bevvie and are an ingenious way to align beer and snack food.