Much like the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland itself, White Rabbit is a hidden gem that transports you into a world of quirky, plush surfaces and theatrical treats. Nestled alongside Canberra’s Novotel, the bar welcomes the city’s corporates to escape the office and indulge in their whimsical cocktails and decadent desserts.

The concept for White Rabbit is a hideaway from the norm, with a focus on fun events for the girls, including Tipsy Tea (White Rabbit’s take on the traditional high tea) and Ladies Night.

White Rabbit Owner Nick Tuckwell says it was a change in direction and focus from the bar’s predecessor, Kremlin Bar.

“Our theme is Alice in Wonderland so we try to be a little theatrical with our drinks and desserts,” he says.

“The interior is very plush with separate sections set up to make the space inviting and cosy. We are a real winter venue and have a range of winter warmer cocktails that certainly draw a crowd on a cold Canberra night.”

One of our favourite cocktails from White Rabbit’s winter warmer drinks list would have to be the Dead Rabbit. This is a sophisticated and timeless drink that resembles the classic old-fashioned. The sweet and spicy drink incorporates 10-year-old Bushmills Irish Whisky, Dom Benedictine with Angostura and orange bitters, and is perfect to ease you into the night!

Whilst sipping on our Dead Rabbit, we welcomed the Chorizo and Halloumi Skewers to the table. The juicy, mild chorizo is a great choice for this dish as it complements the subtle flavours of the halloumi on the skewer. These are accompanied by an avocado, tomato, tequila and lime salsa to add an element of balance and freshness to the dish.

Although there are many fine savoury options on the menu, let’s turn our attention to the pièce de résistance… the desserts! Not often is a bar lucky enough to have a pastry chef on board, but at White Rabbit, this is all part of the charm.

“All of our cocktails have a sweet treat attached to them and our dessert menu is full of theatrical items that suit our theme,” Nick says.

On this day, our dessert journey started with the Raspberry Cupcakes. These are the perfect after-work treat to share with your girlfriends. Each cupcake is filled with a zesty lemon curd and topped with white chocolate frosting, served with a gorgeous selection of berries and a drizzle of coulis.

We then moved on to the Vanilla Panna Cotta. This gorgeous dessert has been delicately layered in a glass with a mandarin jelly, shortcake and a lemon balm. The smooth, vanilla panna cotta combined with the silky-textured mandarin jelly was perfectly contrasted by the addition of a buttery short cake crumble.

As we put down the spoon and looked toward the waiter with our next dessert, our hearts skipped a beat – it was the Lindt Dark Chocolate Mousse. The mousse had been supercharged in a pastry canister before being sprayed into the glass to create a light and extra fluffy consistency. Atop the dessert sat two caramelised banana halves, a sprinkling of chocolate crumb, milk chocolate tuile and a generous peak of whipped cream. Simply delightful!

So, whether you’re in the mood for a boozy winter warmer, a decadent dessert or tapas to share, grab your best girlfriends and head to White Rabbit for your next catch up.

White Rabbit also offers a diverse space for functions and the opportunity to own your own private liquor locker starting at $1000 inclusive of three bottles of top shelf liquor.