Canberra Milk are our local understated heroes. Whether it’s behind the scenes helping out charity groups or a missing person printed on our morning milk bottle, they are a team always thriving to make a difference to our local community.

Missing Persons initiative

For six weeks during June and July, Canberra Milk will be advertising the faces of 12 long term missing persons across their 1 Litre Whole bottles, in partnership with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) National Missing Persons Coordination Centre

Local milk at your local cafe

Even if you don’t stock Canberra Milk at home, chances are it’s in your morning coffee. The team stock to almost 100 cafes around Canberra. Including Canberra Gold, designed specially as a premium product for Canberra’s thriving coffee culture.

Support for our sports stars

Raiders: Canberra Milk has been a foundation member since 1982. They have been plastered across numerous jerseys and cow print stadium poles.

Brumbies: inaugural jersey sponsor with the now iconic MILK jersey which is regularly brought back for Retro Rounds

Canberra United: kit sponsors of the W-league.

Canberra Calvary: supported the baseball league for 5 year now, and gained signage at the MIT Ballpark

Community work

Ongoing support for:

  • Vinnies sleepout
  • Domestic Violence Crisis Service
  • Breakfast Club Marymead
  • Maccas safe house

Never a dull moment

Raiders Lime

How can we forget Canberra Milk’s flavoured milk which created quite the hype. In support of the Green Machine we saw ‘Raiders Lime’ flavoured milk hit the stands along with an unforgettable sight of former Raiders captain Terry Campese bathing in lime green milk.


The next evolution was – Choc Mint – with 8,000 bottles being given away at a Raiders game. A few locals were sour to see the Raiders Lime go, however Raiders Choc-Mint is arguably an upgrade from the acquired taste of its predecessor.

Legend Reinvented

Choc-Mint also took on the life of Raiders players. Fans went choc-mint crazy collecting bottles with their favourite players names and numbers printed on the bottle. Following that success, the Members Edition meant die-hard fans could also opt-in to have their names on choc-mint bottles sold around Canberra.