BentSpoke Brewing

BentSpoke Brewing’s latest news is the canning of one of Australia’s first Barrel Ages Sours.

Brewed by Richard over 15 years ago, Flanders Red Flemm was inspired by a small farm in Belgium where co-founders Richard and Tracy fell in love with barrel aged beers. The name pays homage to farmer Flemm!

The beer itself is aged in oak for 12 months and blended with an aged, unoaked version and a younger unoaked version to balance the acid and add vibrance to the beer. A complex and “isolating” beer, Richard says “The wild yeast creates some funky characters with a touch of sweaty horse blanket and zoo like aromas. I cannot wait for people to taste what has been years in the barrelling..”

Flemm is available locally everywhere in the ACT and will also be available at the Braddon Brewpub in cans and for Traveller fills.

Don’t forget BentSpoke also have the “Cannery Ride Through” in Mitchell. Pick up a cold case of beer or click and collect from

Capital Brewing Co

One good thing to come from isolation is delivery craft beer and the all mighty crowler. Boasting a 960ml can, have it filled with one of 6 small batch brews from the Capital taproom. These beasts are sure to tie you over until pubs are open again and tap beer is flowing.

In other news, Capital Brewing took the initiative to launch an online store and offer same day delivery in Canberra for order before 3pm! While you jump online and make an order for yourself, don’t forget you can donate a 4-pack of ‘Good Beer’ while you’re at it. The initiative believes ‘a good beer always helps’ with the donation beer passed on to essential workers.

Our local brewers are making it fun and easy to support local!