On a sub 40-degree day there aren’t many reliable tools to get you through an unbearable heat. When it’s too hot for pool hangs and even the trusted zooper dooper melts too fast to serve it’s cooling purpose, this summer, we are grateful for pet-nat. A summer bevvie of choice with a bubbly personality to see you through the heatwave.

Pétillant naturel [pet nat for short] is a fun, light type of sparkling wine exploding with fizz and popularity. Champagne comparatively has a more expensive, more prestige feel, great for special occasions, yet, when it comes to everyday sparkles you’ll want to opt for it’s funkier counterpart pet-nat. If pet-nat had a best friend it would be cider, the pair have similar tastes, though pet-nat comes from the wine world.

The fizzy alcohol beverage is bottled before fermentation finishes, without any preservatives allowing the natural gases to create bubbles. The ancient method is a tough one to pull off, timing is everything!

Why you’ll love your new pet

  • The stylish bottle caps (which also mean you have to drink the entire bottle once its cracked open).
  • The fact you don’t need to learn about another wine, pet-nat can be some of your fave wines parented into a naturally sparkling drop.
  • That they are always refreshing! Sip on spritzy shiraz in the midst of summer and be cooled down.
  • An unpretentious way to enjoy bubbles

Locals who are naturally sparkling

Lark Hill
Dark Horse Vineyard ‘Roxanne’ pet-nat

Made from Sangiovese & Syrah rosé. No Sulphur, no chemical additions, just sunlight, grapes and happy yeast. The result is bright pink, dry, crisp, refreshing sparkling wine. Being a Pet Nat it still has the lees (solids) in the bottle, so you can gently stir them in to serve it cloudy, or stand it upright in the fridge overnight to let it settle clear.


Riesling Ancestral 2019

With about 10g/l of fermentable sugar still present, the wine was put, for want of a better verb, into sparkling wine bottles and then left to finish. This created a natural sparkle, about two atmospheres, which means, if you are French petillant natural. Think of this wine as one that is fluid, as in ever changing. The yeast sediment is still there and will change the wine as it ages. Right now its fresh and zesty, cider like but these lees will add more flavour. Best to chill before opening and do this carefully, a natural wine means no ‘agents’ where added to stop it gushing. Roll the bottle to stir the sediment and then open and pour.


Where to get fizzy with it


Riesling Bar on Lonsdale street, Rizla will be able to give you your first sip of a pet-nat.


Since opening Sideway bar has always had a sought-after pet-nat on the menu. The menu is ever-changing but you can guarantee some fizz on a night out here.


Get your lips on some international pet-nat over dinner or lunch Sunday lunches at Pilot in Ainslie.

Rebel Rebel

When in doubt head to a restaurant known for being ahead of the curb in their F&B offering. Rebel Rebel can sort your spritzy wine needs.

Ainslie Cellars

Want to try your new fizzy friend in the comfort of your home? Ainslie Cellars has a mix of local and national pet-nat you need to ad to your next shopping list.