Anyone else feeling a little boujee after three weeks straight of gourmet food inspo from Canberra’s culinary finest? See below for the last seven days of GourMay.

The 15th to 21st of May saw a few seafood delights from none other than Temorada, Bicicletta, Blu Ginger and Podilato. We had our first picture perfect platter from Canberra Wine House and the most intriguing pairing of Brioche French toast and Whiskey from Natural Nine. Newbie restaurant Gan-Jeez got locals talking about their leg of lamb which encapsulates both Indian and Aussie flavours.

Stay tuned as we head into our fourth and final week, and to see how far we have come this month head to our GourMay platform below.


15 May

Temporada: Wood-grilled Calamari 

Temporada prepared us a dish which was so good looking and fitting to autumn tones that we felt guilty indulging it. The sashimi grade Wood-grilled Calamari is sourced from the south coast. It is wood-grilled to enhance the unalloyed flavours of the fresh calamari. The romesco sauce with marikina fermented salami is what sets the calamari into an autumn menu. Thick and full of textures from the soft salami which is cooked down with almonds and shallots. This work of art is sliced and reassembled on your plate both photo ready and easy to get around.

Equally, as autumn in its colour, the 2017 Nebbilo Rose is a light match to the calamari. Made right here in Canberra by Mada Wines whose niche is producing small-batch wines, the Rose pairs well to the sweetness of the romesco and the spice of the salami.

May 16

Canberra Wine House: Charcuterie Board

Canberra Wine House is allowing you to make your own gourmet creation using their collection of quality ingredients. The Charcuterie Board is full of textures including rolled prosciutto, carved ham’s, finely sliced chicken and crumbly cheese. Garnished with colourful fruits and a bunch of platter essentials like olives and dried fruits this share board is the most delightful way to watch the sun go down and enjoy a bottle of vino.  As its name suggests this is predominately a meat platter with a local flair. Poachers Pantry Sicilian chicken, ham off the bone and prosciutto are all key elements. Rabbit terrine with pistachio and cranberries and the smoked trout pate make for interesting spreads on top of the rye bruschetta from grocer Fresh Fodder. The hunk of cheddar cheese from the Hunter Valley will keep you going well into your second bottle of wine along with the Bateman’s Bay peanuts. For something sweet, the Pialligo bacon jam, seasonal fruits from local farmers or the dried figs will give you the balance you are looking for.

Lamberts Vineyards 2013 Rose was selected specifically for its excellence in pairing with prosciutto. It’s as sweet as strawberry jam and pairs especially well with salty treats.

17 May

Gan-Jeez: Leg Of Lamb

We can’t get enough lamb this GourMay, Gan-jeez mission to make Indian dining a gourmet experience is set in stone with this eight-hour slow-cooked Leg of Lamb in garlic-ginger and lamb jus. An Indian and Australian fusion on a fine hunk of meat, this dish is made to be shared and loved by all who have forks around it. Accompanied by a spinach porridge, onion pickle and coriander foam, the aromas from this blend plus the masala gravy will spark your interest.

As sweet as it looks, this Passionfruit Cocktail will go down nicely next to the leg of lamb. The sweet tones of the passionfruit will provide you a rounded aftertaste for the most fulfilling dinner.

18 May

Blu Ginger: Prawn Malabar

Ease into Autumn with this Prawn Malabar from Blu Ginger. Choose from mild or medium delicate spices and scoop out the delicious succulent prawns which have been simmered in coconut milk. To get the currying process going the chefs start off with a gravy base and add diced onion, capsicum and tomato. The second round of sautéing is nice and quick ensuring the prawns aren’t cooked for too long and this is where the fragrance comes in! Mustard and curry leave topped with coconut milk and ready to go.

Form a complete palate by accompanying the curry with the Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc. Its combination of gooseberry and fresh garden herbs will be an added layer to the spicy expressions from the main attraction.

19 May

Bicicletta: Spaghetti Ai Fruitti Di Mare

One of the tastiest pastas to get around this season is the Spaghetti Ai Fruitti Di Mare from Bicicletta in New Acton. A classic gourmet Italian dish made up of a concoction of fresh king prawns, clams, scallops, loligo squid, baby octopus & cherry tomato sautéed with fragrant garlic and chilli Bisque. All of our favourite seafood with an after hit of spice.

From the Canberra district, the Wily Trout Sauvignon Blanc 2017 is a full-bodied white wine that won’t overpower the freshness of the fish.

20 May

Natural Nine: Dark chocolate brioche French toast

Natural Nine have shared a mouthwatering dessert for GourMay; a dark chocolate brioche French toast with a Johnnie Walker Gold Label sure to spark your interest. Enjoy the sweetness of the brioche with a salted caramel and toasted coconut ice cream. The spectacle of the oozing French Toast in collaboration with a whisky classic: Johnnie Walker Gold Label is a refined match. The whisky finish leaves a lingering wave of wood and light west-coast smoke, complimented reby the dark chocolate richness of the brioche French toast. The entire taste sensation is rounded out by the sweet and savoury salted caramel that blends perfectly with the delicately honeyed notes of its liquid companion. This dish is as rich as it is flavoursome, and will leave you wanting more.

If this pairing has left you with nothing but whiskey on your mind, the Natural Nine x Johnnie Walker Degustation with whiskey ambassador Simon McGoram is on Wednesday 23 May at 7pm set to make any whiskey fan a connoisseur.

21 May

Podilato: Snapper Citrus

The Snapper Citrus from Mantra on Northbourne’s Podilato is an A grade example of how fish should be enjoyed coming into cooler months. A colourful collaboration of winter fruits and vegetables which makes this dish both exotic and comforting all at the same time! The snapper lays to rest on a bed of eggplant caviar; a thick and filling pairing of braised eggplant with onion, garlic, and vinegar. The sides are as equally as an enticing as the main event. Fennel caramelised with fresh ruby, grapefruit, orange, baby leek and baby coriander add a huge pop of colour, plus the caramelised fennel puree is an extra hit of flavour with each mouthful of fresh snapper.

The dish is acidic therefore enjoying this plate with a sweet and slightly woody Riesling such as the 2017 Lake George Giannoula is a perfect pairing.