‘And on Mondays we sail from Positano to Capri. Sip on spritz and soak up alllll the sun’ – a caption belonging to an upload on my personal insta account that I came across last night while mindlessly scrolling through trying to soothe my Sunday night anxiety. An anxiety which was well and truly heightened thanks to all of the uploads flooding my feed from those locals lucky enough to be soaking up everything that the 2018 European summer has to offer (I hear it’s a heat wave).

Currently, I am not lucky enough to be doing any of those things in the aforementioned social post – and I’m really not happy about it. So, I figure why not take another trip down memory lane to the picture-perfect seaside town of Positano, Italy to escape the real-world symptom of Mondayitis.

Positano was a place that I had dreamt about visiting ever since seeing the pictures of the rolling cliffsides adorning the front of a glossy postcard that was sent to me be by an ex work colleague who went honeymooning to the ideal destination. I imagined it would definitely be a place that I too would visit after saying I do. But in true Giorgia style – following a massive YOLO moment in a travel agent – I booked an eight week, round the world trip that saw me visiting ten cities in five different countries. Positano being just one of the gems (oh, and I’m yet to say ‘I do’).

Roughly a year ago I was flying into Naples airport after spending a few days in Milano with the chicks. Don’t get me wrong the hustle and bustle, history and architecture of the second most popular city in Italy is an incredible sight to see but we were in need of a place to rest our heads under the sun and by the sea after a whirlwind of six weeks on tour.

We were met by our driver at the airport (he was holding our names on a sign like something from a move) and in what seemed like an instant, thanks to a power nap in the passenger seats, we started on the winding roads of the Amalfi Coast going through all of the seaside towns that line it. I can remember coming around one bend and instantly being breathless with a tummy filled with butterflies after seeing the view. This is not an exaggeration and I know that anyone who has visited this stretch of Italian coast will agree.

We spent the next few days following a very strict routine of eat, tan, swim, play, repeat. After a few days we were off in search of the next adventure this magical seaside town could offer, and without looking to hard at all, the answer was right in front of us in the form of a skipper named Josepi.

We set sail on a Monday morning from the port of Positano and made our way slowly but surely to Capri.

We cruised past the peninsula of Sorrento while staging a photoshoot. We popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate jumping from our vessel and swimming through word renowned blue grotto. We ate lunch at a little café on a sun bed covered beach front that lined the shore of Capri while sipping on spritz and soaking up all the sun. The way back was less scenic. We passed out from sun stroke (and possibly too much champagne) and woke once again in Positano.

And that my friends, is how a Monday should be spent.