The humble local club is a meeting point for the community that welcomes all ages and walks of life, and with 21 years of local experience and know-how the Vikings Lanyon certainly lives up to this reputation.

As you walk into the recently refurbished venue you’re sure to be greeted with a smile from the friendly Vikings staff. Making your way to the Red Rock Bistro, one cannot help but feel welcome by the modern open-plan interior that transforms the club into a vast space that encourages the gentle hum of community chatter.

Sitting down to eat we put the menu aside and are provided with a bespoke offering of weekly specials – a selection of local favourites available on select days throughout the week.

Transported around the world in five dishes, we started our journey with the $9.90 Monday special and pub classic, the schnitzel.

Head Chef Jacob Thomas enjoys experimenting with flavours in the kitchen, but says that the schnitzel menu is a force to be reckoned with.

“Everyone loves our schnitzels, they are larger than most and have even received a write-up by the local schnitzel appreciation collective,” he says.

I must warn anyone who dares to order the Lanyon special, Mango Tango Schnitzel – be sure to bring your appetite and perhaps a friend to share the beast! Much like a supreme pizza with a meaty schnitzel base, this dish could feed a family.

The schnitzel base is comprised of a large chicken breast encased in a crispy golden crumb, topped with a mountain of mango, red onion, capsicum, mushrooms, cheese and chipotle sauce. The myriad of Mediterranean flavours combines perfectly with the juicy schnitzel base and is heightened by a burst of mango sweetness in every bite. Definitely and satisfying feed and best washed down with a nice cold beer.

Moving on from the classic Aussie schnitzel, our plates were cleared and we made our way to Texan Tuesdays. The Texan platter available for only $15.90 every Tuesday night, includes 16-hour slow-cooked beef ribs and buffalo hot wings served with a classic jacket potato and topped with a dollop of sour cream.

The smoky beef simply falls off the ribs with that juicy, barbeque flavour you’ve always dreamed of! The gently-spiced buffalo wings are incredibly moreish and prove to be the perfect compliment.

As we licked the rich Texan barbecue sauce from our lips we were transported to the streets of Mumbai for Wednesday $15.90 Bollywood Masala. Presented with a curry platter of butter chicken and tikka masala with turmeric infused rice, a cool and creamy yoghurt raita to extinguish the spice, and a crisp pappadum to tie the dish together.

Although the Red Rock Bistro enjoys a good theme, its menu and specials board is also filled with local favourites and new and exciting dishes.

“I like to experiment and trial new dishes on the specials board and gain feedback from our diners, any dish that performs well is almost always added to the Bistro menu,” says Jacob.

Two of these successful dishes were served up to us on the day of our visit. The first was the punchy Belgian Mussels. These fresh morsels were gently cooked in a classic sauce of tomatoes, chilli, basil and garlic – a rich concoction that really heightens the sweet and salty flavour of the mussels.

The second is a dish that is sure to keep me coming back time and time again is the Double-cooked Pork Belly, with braised red cabbage and a balsamic reduction. Served with chips or veggies upon request, the sweet, juicy pork belly is perfectly cooked and welcomes the caramelised flavour that the cabbage and balsamic reduction adds. Cooking pork belly to perfection is a difficult task, but once you try the double-cooked technique of Vikings Lanyon you will never eat the dish any other way.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic pub meal, a Texan extravaganza or a local favourite Lanyon Vikings have got you covered. The venue is open Sunday to Wednesday from 10am to 1am and Thursday to Saturday from 10am to 3am, come in and enjoy an amazing meal and atmosphere at the Red Rock Bistro.