Her debut single may be called Vertigo but Canberra electronica artist Marét has her feet firmly on the ground.

Infectious, playful and bold, Vertigo, produced and co-written by Jean-Paul Fung, has been in development for two years, and it’s time that has been well spent.

“So far everything I have ever done has got me to this place,” Marét says.

“Moving people and bringing them to a place where their dreams can be-come real life inspires me to create the music that I make.”

Marét says the original music scene in Canberra is exciting, unusual and “found in secret places”.

“Canberra has many hidden treasures that the world needs to discover,” she says.

“I walk a lot, particularly in the incredible natural surrounds of Canberra. I am very inspired living here. My absolute favourite place for all things coffee and food is Highroad in Dickson. Incredible staff, beautiful space and the best coffee in Canberra!”

The singer, songwriter and artistic director’s music germinates from tumultuous times, from beautiful moments and a calling for something bigger than herself. Marét’s irresistibly hypnotic single is a call to arms to “keep going, even when you want to give up”.

“The feeling of climbing the mountain and taking it one step at a time, knowing you can trust whatever is pulling you there,” she says.

And Marét’s dream for the future?

“That is happens.”

Listen to Vertigo here.