From flavoursome whole-food bowls, to juicy fried chicken and comfort pastas, you should know what your food options are in your surrounds. Whether you’re after a quick lunch or an early dinner on your way home from the City, Canberra Centre has something for the health conscious, something for the social butterfly and something for the family orientated.


While Nosh is still relatively new to the Canberra Centre, it hasn’t stopped us from making this healthy fast-food option a regular habit. With a large range of high nutrient options, we tried the Poke Party for its many exciting flavours. Fresh Tasmanian salmon sashimi cubes in creamy roasted sesame sauce on coconut turmeric rice and sweet potato. All bowls come with edamame, pickled ginger, seaweed strips, toasted sesame seeds and crispy shallots. And, we went a step further by adding charred corn and avo. There is nothing boring about the Poke Party, a lunch option which will brighten up your day and make you feel super good about your choice. While being extremely fresh, this bowl also caters for the cooler days with its winter veg + turmeric spice. To wash the very generous Poke bowl down, we paired it with a Kombucha on tap. Fruit punch flavour to add to our exotic meal.

Ground Floor, Fitness First Entrance, Canberra Centre


As the weather gets cooler Vapiano’s sun drenched venue is an ideal location for a quick lunch or family dinner. Their solid wooden tables are spacious, designed for four or more; a warm hearty pasta to refuel you for the rest of the working day will be a hit for the entire team.  If a sun-soaked lunch doesn’t get you through the door, perhaps one of their famous pink gin’s will? A generous sized glass with Rosé, Sprite, Strawberries and Beefeater London, Pink Gin. What’s more is pairing it with the traditional carbonara for ultimate indulgence. An Italian classic with Aussie bacon, onion and a thick creamy sauce topped with parmesan (lots of it) and parsley. From crowd-pleasing pastas like the carbonara, to share pizzas and affordable antipasti, Vapiano is an upbeat family friendly zone.

Gami Chicken & Beer

Does downing a few beers and taking on a fried chicken share plate sound like something that may interest you? Gami restaurant was derived around the love for Korean chicken and expects just that from its customers. Whole chickens or platters are popular options as the Gami way is to gather with a group of friends and have a good time around tasty food. The whole chicken can be cooked with two different flavours, we had half spicy and half sweet soy.  Coleslaw and pickled radish are chicken essentials, after seeing how well they pair together it will be hard to enjoy one without the other ever again. Sauce options are in abundance at Gami. Honey mustard, soy garlic, sweet chilli and or special volcano sauce, there is a taste to suit every palate. Gami have crafted a secret recipe ensuring the perfect taste, fresh marinade and produce all come into play when creating a crispy shell that gets locals talking. Another excellent choice in side dish is the corn cheese. Seasoned corn kernels covered with mozzarella cheese creates a sweet taste to combat spicy chicken. The importance of beer comes a close second to chicken at this eatery. Gami crafted their own beer with Thunder Road Brewery designed to be the perfect brew to accompany chicken. It’s light, crispy and well balanced with any spice. You’ll find this Asian style lager on tap.

148 Bunda St, City

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