What do you when Canberra’s most successful sporting team of all-time makes the Grand Final series of the WNBL for the first time in nearly a decade? You drop everything and you get out and support them.

Forget the Big Bash, cricket season is over when the final test of the Australian Summer is finished, and if we’re being honest the domestic T20 season has dragged on longer than that time you waited for that girl to message you back on Tinder.

If you are going to the game and you haven’t been this season that’s okay, Canberra embraces bandwagoners and the key to be a good bandwagoner is to pretend like you know what you’re talking about.

So here are some quick phrases that should get you out of trouble on Saturday:

  • “Get the ball to Griff” (Kelsey Griffin).
  • “The team has played so much better since Mariana Tolo got back from injury.”
  • “I really hope they can get Kia Nurse or Leilani Mitchell open today.”
  • “She’s only young but Keely Froling plays some important minutes off the bench.”
  • “I can’t believe how many games Kelly Wilson has played, I hope she comes back next year.”
  • “This girl is on fire” (relevant to any Caps player that is playing well).
  • “Is that Carrie Graff? I think that’s Carrie Graff.”
  • “Paul Gorris is such a nice guy, I can see why he’s such a good coach.”

If any of those fail, just do a Drake at a Toronto Raptors game and shout support as loud as you can, wave a towel and get hyped.

In all seriousness if you’re not at the Capitals game I’ll be sad for you, not only because you won’t be watching one of the best teams in basketball right now (did I mention they’re on an 11-game winning streak) but after they win their 12th game in a row you’ll be hit with a soul crushing FOMO.

Ticket sales have already surpassed Game 1 of the Semi Finals, which means the AIS will be rocking on Saturday night. So, leave the bat and ball at home and spend a night with the UC Capitals, you know you want to.

And even if we don’t beat Adelaide in game 1, there’s always a game 2 and no matter what happens in this series our drinking water will always be superior.

As they say in the classics ‘Go Big or Go Home’.