Minty fresh and packing a punch – the humble Mint Julep is worthy of a national day and in the United States, 30 May is it. But right here in the nation’s capital, in a nod to Mint Julep Day, we have collated a list of four of the very best versions of the cocktail that you can locally source. Sip in style this weekend and pay tribute to the classic Julep that we all love so much.

Georgia Mint Julep at Betti Bravo’s

Under the classic cocktail section, Betti shakes up the perfect Mint Julep cocktail with a beautiful Kentucky twist denoting that ‘some things should not be forgotten.’ The Georgia Mint Julep mixes Hennessy VS Cognac with some peach brandy, sugar and that all important sprig of mint.


Georgia Julep at Lucky’s

One cannot talk about a Mint Julep cocktail without mentioning Lucky’s. Located in QT Canberra, the bar combines Buffalo Trace Bourban with Créme de Peche, mint, water and sugar to create the perfect Julep.


Champagne Julep at Sage Dining Rooms

To put a bubbly spin on a Kentucky classic, the Champagne Julep from Sage Dining Rooms is a must-try. The concoction is comprised of cognac, champagne, mint and white sugar. A simple yet effect drink that will keep you coming back for more.


Mint Julep at Molly

If you’re looking for a Julep that packs a punch, then you can’t walk past Molly. The speakeasy can sure shake a cocktail, and its version of a Mint Julep. Including well-crushed ice, fresh mint a smash of bourbon, this drink is definitely one to try.