We have been absolutely flooded with nominations for Singled Out 2017, so it’s all hands on deck here at OutInHQ to present to you the lucky singles chosen to head out on three amazing dates on us! So before we announce the remaining 12 babein’ local hopefuls, here are our hot tips on how to nail that daunting first date.

Guys love a girl with a brew

While the wine list looks mighty good for the ladies, we have heard it through the grapevine that guys find it attractive if a woman orders a beer. So maybe exchange your ‘oaky-finish’ for some suds to impress on your next date.

Leave the trumpet at home

No person likes a date who likes to ‘blow their own horn’. By all means be proud of your achievements, but modesty is definitely a virtue and boasting about yourself on a first date is a massive turn off. Ask them about herself and indulge in your similarities!

Listen up!  

Yes, the singles that we have released so far have dreamy eyes – but don’t get lost in them! Pay attention to what your date is saying and respond accordingly! Great conversation is a turn-on for both sexes.

Don’t be too keen

The aim of the game is to seem casual. Even though you might really want this date to work out don’t seem too keen. If it doesn’t work out, that’s fine, just have a good time and if it’s horrible at least you have a great story! 

Shower two hours before your date

How do I put this delicately … men smell and sweat. So, to make sure you keep both problems at bay, shower two hours before the date. This will kill the ‘man-odour’ and will give you enough time to sweat out the shower steam and that over powering after-shave that you think is so suave!

As for dancing, don’t be afraid to throw in some moves, take note from Elaine from Seinfeld.


The Singled Out voting platform is set to launch on Monday 3 April, including the full list of all the lucky singles, their written profiles and a video Q&A for you to get a taste of these lads and lasses.

Once you have a solid idea of your favourites and who they would be best paired with, pick your top three couples to submit your vote. From there we will shout them on three special dates – each with one of their top three most eligible partners as voted by you – and keep track and report back on any lurve developments.

Each vote you submit will put your name in the draw for your chance to WIN the ultimate Canberra date (more details to follow) so stay tuned!