The Cupping Room has answered Canberra’s prayers. Introducing, the ultimate foodie’s bible – The Cupping Room Cookbook.

Canberra’s favourite brunch hotspot has teamed up with local, independent publisher, Seed Press, to produce the highly anticipated cookbook.

Jordan Montgomery, founder and director of Seed Press and long-term employee of The Cupping Room, is delighted that the first book from Seed Press is the inaugural cookbook for The Cupping Room.

While the café hinges around its specialty coffee, it was the unique and distinctive menu that seized the attention of Canberrans three years ago. The Cupping Room is known for its exotic and unmatched creations that will always leave you wanting more.

The cookbook is a celebration of the food that The Cupping Room has produced in the past while showing its readers simple ways of recreating their favourite dishes.

Jack Scheeren, co-owner of The Cupping Room, says they’ve been lucky to become popular in Canberra, which allowed them to create so many dishes and menus.

“We knew there was such great potential for a cookbook like this as The Cupping Room has such a loyal base of customers,” Jack says.

“Whenever we changed our menus, people would always be excited to try what was new, but there was always one menu item that they were sad to see go.”

If you’re a regular, you’ll know this feeling all too well – the combination of excitement and mourning. Well, wipe those tears away because the cookbook features a collection of beloved oldies that The Cupping Room lovers can make at home.

“Putting the book together was a sentimental experience, looking back on all the menus, how far the cafe has come and how much we’ve learnt not just as a group of people who work together, but also as friends,” Jordan says.

The cookbook will also contain the recipe from World Barista Champion, ONA Coffee Founder and The Cupping Room Owner, Sasa Sestic’s signature drink.
The cookbook breaks down the recipe, which helped Sestic win the World Barista Championship title in 2015, giving coffee lovers the chance to try it for themselves!

You can get your hands on a copy of the cookbook for $49.95 at The Cupping Room, University Avenue, or online