If you missed out on all the LOLs at this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival, then your chance is coming around again as an encore performance of some of the festival’s finest comedians come to Canberra.

The encore roadshow will delight local audiences at Wagga Wagga and Wodonga before making its last stop at the Canberra Theatre Centre on Saturday 13 August.

Featuring an all-star line-up expertly curated for this year’s festival, audiences are sure to be left sore from belly laughs and smiles.

Emcee for the night will be Ray Badran – a gentleman who is rapidly making a name for himself as one of the country’s finest comedy hosts, with his astute observational humour. Honing his skills and material over the last few year, Ray is now considered at the forefront of a new generation of comedians who are both edgy and inventive, and is sure to keep the laughs flowing in between acts.

Recently added to the bill is the ‘energetic tour-de-force’, Nikki Britton, famous for her lightning wit and signature interpretive dance moves. Originally trained as an actor and a dancer, stand-up comedy was a happy accident for Nikki and Australian audiences as she presents her physically energised style of comedy.

Highlights from the showcase will include US comedian, Paul Ogata, whose animated delivery and edgy humour will have you in stitches. World improvisation champ, Rebecca De Unamuno, will also be on stage drawing the audience in with her spur-of-the-moment sketches, as well as the affable, dry and hilarious Daniel Connell.

TV regular, Harley Breen, your quintessential unpretentious Aussie male, will be rounding out the killer line-up, as well as Ben Darsow, whose observational and improvisational humour recently had him nominated for the Best Comedy Award at 2016 Perth Fringe World!

With a style of comedy to suit everyone, you won’t want to miss this encore road trip when it pulls into its last stop at Canberra Theatre Centre on Saturday 13 August.

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