On the back of Verity Lane Markets launching, Canberra’s newest speciality coffee house also opens in the Sydney Building, on the corner of London Circuit.

East Row Specialty Coffee offers office workers, locals and foodies alike a new breakfast, lunch and speciality coffee destination. Led by Michelle Xue and Head Chef Yokas Wu, the café hopes to bring locals back to the heart of the city.

“It’s really hard to find a quality daytime food and coffee offering in this part of the city. Normally locals head over to districts like Braddon for the best café experiences,” says co-owner Ms Xue. “Our aim is to bring that offering back to the original centre of Canberra and serve up delicious food and great coffee from a fully refurbished venue that’s a pleasure to be in.”

The menu, derived by chef and co-owner Yokas Wu, combines sophisticated cooking techniques with classic breakfast and lunch options. Using his 11+ years’ experience in the industry, Chef Yokas has brought to life dishes set to become local favourites like Donut French Toast, Pulled Pork Benedict and Butternut Pumpkin Gnocchi.

“The dishes are designed to be an experience in the way they look and the way they taste,” says Mr Wu. “Take the Veggie Pot, for example – it’s like a multi-coloured forest and an adventure for the senses. Every meal has something special about it. Something that will wow the customers from the moment it’s been served to their last bite.”

The speciality coffee supplier is none other than local legends ONA Coffee, headed up by barista and award-winning latte artist Brian Zhang.

“It was so important that as a speciality coffeehouse we opted for the best bean and we truly believe that’s ONA Coffee. They’re techniques are ground-breaking, their training is world class, and you can guarantee an ONA Coffee’s quality time and time again. It’s a bonus that they’re local too,” says Mr Wu.

The concept for the space was developed by Unison Interiors in conjunction with Lekkier Hospitality Interiors. The end result is a fit out that is a touch industrial, with natural finishes and a drenching of natural light.

“We wanted the venue to provide a modern offering to Canberra, while also respecting the history of the building,” says Ms Xue. “We’ve reflected the iconic archways in our shelving and raised the height of the ceiling to ensure that the entirety of the arched windows was captured in the space.”

This natural light, alongside the concrete benches, exposed brick walls and timber floors makes, the café such a soothing, yet cheerful place to be in. It’s ideal for study breaks, casual work meetings, or gatherings with friends and family.

East Row will be open from Monday – Saturday from 7pm until 4pm.