It’s a great time to be alive and living in Canberra… especially if you’re hungry. We know about the delightful food vendors popping up regularly in the middle of Canberra, but wouldn’t it be nice to live in walking distance of your favourite café? Luckily the suburbs have delicious eateries of their own.

Over on the other side of the lake in Yarralumla are the best kebabs in the region! There’s the Farmers Daughter for burgers and other café foods – but for that specific craving that many of us have had after a late night, theYarralumla Halal Pide House is worth travelling to the south side for.

Popular among Lyons locals, is the French toast at Stand By Me café, fruity and creamy elements fall playfully over the crispy wonder brought to your table. We all know that ambience improves the food at a place and with atmosphere like this – the food doesn’t have to be good. But it absolutely is!

No one likes to wait in line for very long, not even for a freak shake! However, those decadent levels of creativity in design can be matched at the Fox and Bow café in Farrer. Eggs, pancakes and drinks a plenty are on offer for those who appreciate extravagance at low cost. That probably includes most of us and we’ll be in good company amongst the breakfast things and lunch later on for a second helping.

Not to neglect the North side, there are plenty of suburban secrets over there too. Come have a drink at Edgar’s Inn in Ainslie. Pub food is available on Sunday afternoons and for dinners any night of the week. They have burgers, chips and all the right things for a casual evening with friends and family.

Now that we’re here let’s enjoy ourselves with another mouth-watering menu from The Knox made in Watson. Shakes that sound so good, before you have them you’ll need a pile of napkins to clean up the drool. The equally delightful smoothies, or a glass of cider will go great with the locally sourced ingredients, mixed together in the breakfast and lunch menus.

From the North to the South of Canberra foodies are working hard to put together some fantastic dishes. We keep them a secret of the suburb so that we can keep them all to ourselves, but such hard work deserves to be appreciated by everyone. Take a look at your corner shop, there might be some foodies there too!