I like a little gossip as much as the next person, but I draw the line at people tugging on my heartstrings with something as important as Milky Lane. In saying that, I’ll have you know this article is all speculation at the moment but nonetheless solid goss you’ll want to be on top of.

The founder of Milky Lane posted a status calling on his Canberra friends to suggest an area which would ‘work best’ for a store. The replies were heavily leaning towards Braddon though the founder said ‘there was one site in particular’ he was looking to suss out its availability in the CBD.

What we do know is there are two Bunda Steet prime locations up for grabs where Cream and Jamie’s Italian once occupied. Walking distance from the office seems like an excellent choice for me.

Following that secrecy, there was not one but two teasers which occurred online to indicate that Milky Lane may become a permanent resident in the Capital.

On Monday, Milky Lane Official posted a big question mark [?] with the following text: “It must be almost time to announce another store.” This itself was a shock post after opening a Parramatta and Gold coast store this year! On the back of their Bondi and Cronulla store success.

Secondly, Milky Lane posted on their Instagram story last night “Canberra we’re inside you next week devil emoji we hear you like burgers and cocktails.” HOW DO THEY KNOW!!

We slid up in their DM’s to see if they would confirm or deny this exciting news and they said we should wait until they sign a lease before getting too excited. Eek. Too late.