Calling on thrill-seekers who enjoy an emotional torturing. Canberra Theatre Centre is presenting the genre-defying HORROR from 11-15 September, the mastermind work of acclaimed physical theatre maker Jakop Ahlbom.

There’s no big screen to hide behind and convince yourself that the stunt was make believe – just true fear in the flesh, sure to make you shudder.

Historically, creating something scary on stage has been a challenge, but when it’s done right like the highly acclaimed show Horror, audiences are dragged into a surreal world of fright. Sweaty palms and curled toes is the general consensus to this frightening production.

Ahlbom encapsulates the horror genre with black humor, slapstick and the fascinating, terrifyingly surreal imagery. He is an undisputed expert at using cinematic editing techniques, magic tricks and physical movement in his stage work.

HORROR is the story of a woman who returns with two friends to her childhood home. The house is haunted by a tragic family event and none of the group knows what happened to the woman’s older sister. Her vengeful spirit, however, makes itself known to them and in a series of flashbacks, the past gradually re-emerges: the cruel parents, the crushed youth. The youngest sister is brutally confronted with the hidden past and the only way to survive is to face the terrible truth.

In short, it’s the type of evening that follows you to the car.

Dialogue is artistically traded for illusion, movement and music, promising to creep up on you in the dead of the night. Playing on the illogical satisfaction of petrifying oneself, Horror provides viewers both pain and pleasure.

This will be the first time Ahlbom’s work has been presented in Australia and Canberrans are sure to enjoy a night of sinister humour and hardcore horror.

Are you game enough to explore your dark side?

Tickets available HERE, or call the Box Office on (02) 6275 2700