Whether you slam it, sip it or scull it, we’ve all had a run-in with the Mexican local spirit tequila! Sunday 24 July is World Tequila Day and we feel that it is the perfect excuse for a Mexican-themed Sunday sesh. To help you navigate your way around Canberra’s eclectic range of cocktail menus, we have put together a list of our top five local tequila favourites and where to get them.

Margarita at Hopscotch

Now we couldn’t start the tequila journey without at least mentioning the classic tequila margarita, and Hopscotch sure do shake up a good one! With the classic mix of tequila, Cointreau and lime juice all shaken over ice, this the perfect way to celebrate World Tequila Day.

Winter Margarita at Joe’s Bar 

Putting a winter spin on the tequila classic, Joe’s Bar have put forth the Winter Margarita. The concoction combines Espolon tequila, mescal, triple sec, lime juice and egg white to make a fluffy winter drink for the cold Canberra weather.

Art Dandelay at Parlour Wine Room 

Named after what we’re sure is the cool, yet spicy character of Seinfeld’s George Costanza’s alter-ego ‘Art Vandelay’, the Art Dandelay is a blast of flavour that needs to be celebrated. The cocktail combines tequila, mint, pineapple, vanilla and chilli to add a high note to any Sunday sesh.

Tequila Collins at Shorty’s

Throwing Tom out the window, Shorty’s have spiced up the Tom Collins classic with a dash of tequila. The cocktail mixes Don Julio tequila, lemon juice, sugar syrup and a splash of soda for a refreshing change to this classic cocktail.

Passionate Diablo at Walt & Burley

With the tag line ‘He wants some love’ we thought it was right to add Walt & Burley’s Passionate Diablo to the tequila selection. The fruity sensation mixes passionfruit, tequila, lime and agave to give you a taste of the tropics right on the Kingston Foreshore.

So whether you decide to just do a shot on the day or take a selection from our five favs, we wish you a very happy World Tequila Day!