Contrary to this time last year, and what our iPhone calendars are saying – IT IS NOT A PUBLIC HOLIDAY ON MONDAY sigh. But if you’re a public servant you can probably just not show up and say you did ? The back-to-back long weekends have historically been the most magical time of year for us locals. Not to mention a well deserved break. If you didn’t take the middle Tuesday-Friday off work and have a consecutive 10 days off (only 4 of them being annual leave) you didn’t use your time effectively. This year is the first year Canberrans no longer get Family and Community Day off, and we are feeling extremely bad for the Aussie Rules fans. As an F U to the changed public holiday conditions we have listed 5 places to get loose at a Sunday sesh, just as if things were back to normal. We called ahead and told them you might be getting a little wild.

The Lighthouse 
Walt & Burley 
The Duxton