From the moment, you sit down, Alex Williamson will have you in stitches and questioning your morals. At his latest stand-up gig at the ANU pop-up bar, Molo Live, Alex had Canberrans laughing and gasping from the moment he walked in.

For those of you who don’t know, Alex Williamson (aka the Loose Aussie Bloke) is an internet sensation with 945,000 followers on Facebook and YouTube. He began performing stand-up in 2007 and placed as a state finalist in triple j’s Comedy competition. But it was in 2012 when Alex’s career took an interesting turn when he transitioned into live stage shows at comedy festivals across the country including Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. His most recent adventure took him to Edinburgh to perform, where he sold out. But now he’s back in the land down under and we can’t recommend him enough – that is if you’re humour is a little on the dark side.

The Show

Embodying what it truly means to be the loosest Aussie bloke, Alex pushes the comedic boundaries.  Throughout the entire show he will have you completely lured into this wild and rather unexpected journey. Discussing various topics, Alex is not a man to take himself or much else seriously, which is why he is so entertaining to watch – he is able to laugh at himself and find humour in the world around him.

If you have never been to a comedy show then this is a great place to start. With the Molo Live bar creating the perfectly chilled vibe, this is a casual night out to be enjoyed by many. We recommend sitting as close to the front as you can to get the full experience, including heckling.

Throughout the show Alex engaged the audience and often used members to create improvised comedy. Keeping it very casual, he presented his act in a way that felt he was telling his mates a bunch of epic yet rather random stories. Alex really knows how to connect with his audience on rather controversial topics and does this in such a light-hearted way, it leaves you feeling slightly buzzed.

Alex ended his show stating ‘I don’t know why Canberra is so f***ing cold, but I will be coming back.” Now if that’s not a promise, we don’t know what is.

The Venue

Situated in the ANU pop-up precinct, Molo Live is the ideal venue for many events including comedy shows, trivia nights, bands and other entertainment. It was a great venue to hold Alex Williamson’s show in, as it caters for a large number of groups and has various food and drink options available throughout the show.

The bar has one of the funkiest fit-outs, with graffiti walls, a light-up bar and plenty of seats – the perfect spot to hang out as students and take advantage of the $12 (and under) weekly specials. Many students who attend ANU often comment on the casual vibe at the pop-up venue and Molo achieves it with their laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff members.

The Food and Drinks

With daily specials throughout the working week, Molo is an ideal location for cheap food and drinks. Many of the beers on tap are sourced from local breweries in the Canberra region including Bentspoke and Capital Brewing Co. Some of the items on the menu include chicken schnitty, tacos, wings, pizza, and fish and chips, the ideal comfort food to pair with a fantastic alcoholic beverage. We would recommend either the tacos or the pizza but don’t take our word for it – try it yourself and score yourself a good super cheap feed.

A beer in one hand, a pizza in the other, and a comedian on stage – sounds like a student’s perfect dream!