A Canberra restaurant has asked the customers that have been going there for 34 years to “remove that part of their memory”.

The tongue-in-cheek post by Pancake Parlour comes as the long-running purveyors of pancakes change their name to Capital Pancakes.

In a Facebook post, the restaurant-formally-known-as reveals they are in the process of removing their previous name from “all historical postings” on the social media platform.

“In that vein, I would ask all the loyal customers who have been coming to (redacted) for the past 34 years to remove that part of their memory,” the post, written by The Original Pancake Man, states.

“Your birthday parties and assorted pancakes eating adventures did not happen.

“Now that everyone has been enlightened as to those things that did not happen over the past 34 years, I would like to introduce you to what is happening. As of this week, we are now known as Capital Pancakes.”

The Original Pancake Man goes on to say the “fun and relaxed environment” of the restaurant isn’t changing and that he is “still going strong”.

Capital Pancakes has added some new dishes but many traditional favourites are still on the menu, like their Short Stack with Whipped Butter or Ice Cream

You can find Capital Pancakes at Basement 122, Alinga Street, Canberra City.