If you’re staring down the barrel of yet another office Christmas party, tell the boss you want to go to Raku this year!

For $80 per person, you’ll discover Hao San’s Tasting Menu as part of our last minute Christmas party guide.

For entrée, try the rhubarb salted edamame and signature oysters with cucumber and tozasu dressing.

Dive into the main course with South Australian albacore tuna tartar with wasabi miso and crispy rice crackers, seared 150-day Angus beef strip-loin with black truffle dressing, pickled onion and garlic chips, or soft-shell spider crab tempura with kimchi mayonnaise.

The tasting menu also features three variations of sashimi santen, Raku’s signature nigari, as well as Canadian scallops with jalapeno, green apple and garlic mayo, duck fat confit chicken wing with smoke miso butter, tender stem broccolini with moromi miso and ginger dressing, and white miso dashi with tofu, wakame and spring onion.

Dessert is toasted sesame ice cream with caramelised hazelnuts or sticky miso caraml and matcha wafer.

You can book your last minute Christmas party here.