The support shown by the community for their local venues via the No Biggie initiative has been paramount. Each week No Biggie has come up with new ways to support the hospitality industry. This week we see the launch of kids meals. The thinking behind it is to create more work for the industry and keep venues running and staff employed, and from a community angle No Biggie wants to take the strain off organising seperate meals for the kids.

No Biggie kids is kicking off in Canberra. Now the entire family can enjoy No Biggie Meals throughout the week as a family while giving back even more to our local venues. Kids Meals are just $7 and can be ordered in 5 or 10 packs.

Current kids menu includes:

Pasta Bambino – sweet Napoli tomato sauce tossed through spaghetti with tasty cheese

Chicken Tenders – grilled chicken tenderloins, mash potato, peas, sweet corn and gravy

Steamed Fish – served with mixed steamed vegetables and sweet potato

Little meatballs – beef and vegetable meatballs cooked in Napoli sauce served with macaroni pasta and cheese

Baked mac and cheese with mixed vegetables

Order must be placed before midnight Sunday’s and are ready to collect from your local venue on Wednesday afternoons.

Order now at