After launching last week in response to the hospitality industry feeling the burn of the COVID-19 venue restrictions, No Biggie Meals has received an incredible response from the community.

No Biggie is a ready-to-eat food service created to start a movement in the hospitality industry. The hyperlocal effort to keep hospitality alive while supporting the local community during time of crisis has been felt through Canberra. The meal service exists to provide a level of industry certainty in an uncertain time.

So far, 10 local venues including Little Oink, Walt & Burley, Assembly, The Duxton, Chifley’s Bar & Grill, Monster, Siren Bar, Howling Moon, Milk Bar and Kamberra have signed up to the platform with immediate support shown from local media and bloggers who all helped spread the word and most importantly the locals who purchased the meals.

Natalie from Little Oink in Cook said “our priority was money for staff employment, we were looking for any way we could to contribute to wage cost” when she came across No Biggie on social media.

In a week the small Belconnen café saw the No Biggie orders flowing in which Natalie said is a testament to their supportive network and loyal following. She said regular customers had made orders for elderly parents who were self-isolating.

This extra revenue was in addition to the businesses quick thinking response to change their menu to reflect a takeaway and delivery model. Little Oink which has been opened for six years has a sister venue – To All My Friends – a pizza and craft beer joint which is located next door at the Cook Shops. Together, the two venues are offering takeaway and delivery from day to night in a 3km zone. Little Oink is focusing on breaky, burgers and coffee; while you’ll get beers, wines, pizza, platters, sides and desserts at  To All My Friends.

Show your support for local,  place your No Biggie order here:

Takeaway + Delivery

Little Oink Opening 7-3 weekdays & 8-3 weekends:

To All My Friends Opening 5-9 Monday – Friday and 12 – 9 Saturday & Sunday: