No Biggie is a Canberra initiative which was driven on the premise of local love for our hospitality venues. A small but tasteful city, Canberra was getting noticed for its unique dining scene before restrictions brought everything to a stop. 7-weeks on from the Canberra launch, the quick-thinking concept has been adopted in America where hospitality restrictions remain tight.

The concept was simple. Locals feed locals need. No Biggie provided hospitality venues an additional revenue stream to their takeaway/delivery options and gave locals an easy way to support our venues through a meal service. Each meal was made by the local venue the community chose to support and the concept kept us connect to an industry which has literally been forced to close its doors on us.

From Canberra, we watched No Biggie spread its love to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Now, No Biggie goes to the hospo rescue in San Diego, the first USA City to start the movement.

The reason behind No Biggie’s success can be attributed to Canberra. A hyperlocal effort transpired from the Capital where the desire to help local venues through the purchase of No Biggie Meals was infectious. Venues feel supported, locals are kept fed during crisis and meals are distributed to the Canberra Relief Network. It is the golden circle supply chain.

Thank you, Canberra, for being awesome!

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