Lake George usually marks a significant part of a road trip where you’re well on your way to Sydney, or just returning to the Capital’s turf. But a jewel like Lake George Winery places it on the map not merely as a place to bypass, but a destination.

Established in 1971, Lake George Winery is an icon in the region that still manages to surprise us with new palatable experiences. Owners Anthony and Sarah McDougall have spent the last year settling into the vineyard life of Lake George, a momentous step from their previous experience at the niche Summerhill Road vineyard.

Paying legacy to previous owners, this month they are celebrating new and bold visions come to life for the future of the vineyard. Over the last 12 months they worked to release a new range of world-class red and white wines and updated their branding design to play on their passions.

A tasting session at the launch allowed me to experience the breadth of the new range which didn’t fall short of exceptional quality and distinctive characters. You can taste the difference in their vines due in part to the ancient soil, the climate and untouched conditions around the lake. Expect big flavours as these wines punch well above their weight. The Semillon Sauv Blanc 2019 combines two vineyards and notes of citrus flavours and green apple. Vibrant flavours of lemon and lime are prominent in the Riesling, while the Rosé delicately combines raspberry, cherry and rose hip producing a unique finish. After the 2018 Rosé reaped awards at the Canberra and Region Wine Show, the new taste is set to impress wine connoisseurs.

Reds equally as notable embrace the punchy flavours of raspberries, rhubarb and blackberry in the Pinot Noir, while the Shiraz brings out cherry and spicy tones with a tangy finish. The Last Leaf Viognier was handpicked at the end of harvest and is sweet with hints of honey and apple.

The new branding and design leads the sensational new direction of the winery. The McDougall’s take their passion of the arts scene to the Canberra region partnering with Canberra Glassworks. Close to their hearts is also the Sleepy Burrows Wombat Initiative which they are supporting through the winery in an effort to raise awareness for local wildlife.

Lake George Winery welcomes guests to relish in the vines from 10am – 5pm on Thursday to Sunday. Next time you’re crossing the border, make sure to pay a visit for a whirlwind of new experiences as your first stop or day trip destination.


Where: Federal Hwy, Lake George, Collector NSW 2581