If food is your religion, you’d already have National Cheeseburger Day (18 September) on your calendar, however what you didn’t know was that a new superhero themed burger joint, Flash, is on the horizon – whose cheeseburger promises supernatural healing abilities after a big night on the town.

Last week we announced the plans for Canberra’s newest nightclub in the old Academy building, but Fiction isn’t the only venue to be occupying the renowned space. Taking up a significantly less room than the club, Flash is doing an alleyway takeover as part of the revitalisation of the old cinema building.

“For us it’s about revitalising laneways in Canberra and making the spaces more inhabitable,” co-owner, Nick Parkinson says. “We see it open until 4am on weekends – imagine a new nightclub and people needing a late-night feed.”

Man who invented the hamburger was smart, man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius, and the two responsible for this exciting new venture know what Canberrans need.

First, they brought us Hopscotch renowned for their wood-fired grill and whiskies – which quickly became the venue of choice for locals – then they changed the lives of Gungahlin residents with Young & Frisky. I personally didn’t know there was such high demand for fried chicken and whisky, but these guys don’t get it wrong. We are expecting big things from this small hole in the wall which will be divided into an ordering window for foot traffic and another for lightening speed Uber Eats & Deliveroo.

The menu is refined with few options they plan do extremely well. The team went touring American fast food joints, dissecting over 100 burgers to find the hero’s which will feature on their menu. The plan is to reinvent fast food. Think fresh and consistent food in a FLASH. Forget a 24 pack o’ nuggs on a hangover day, the cutting edge burger flippin’ technology which has been sent internationally for this venue can do 24 burgers in 90 seconds!

Flash will occupy the left-hand side of Bible Lane, not that you’ll need directions because a killer spray paint job is in the pipeline to make the nook recognisable. Keep your eyes peeled for the adventures of bold flavours and saviours of the foodies.

Don’t forget to grab a cheeseburger on your route home to celebrate the national day because once it launches in late November Flash will be there when the universe isn’t working in your favour, to protect you against evil hangovers and fight off all hunger pains. Flash, a-ah, saviour of the universe.