Joe’s Bar at East Hotel is hosting an event to celebrate the rocketing popularity of the Negroni. While the Negroni may be the drink of the moment, it has long been an iconic Italian spirit; we hand it to the experts at Joe’s to teach us how to best enjoy the vintage cocktail.

Invented in Florence in 1919, on Wednesday 5 June 6-8pm, Joe’s Bar will celebrate 100 years of the spirit with their ‘A Night in Florence’ event. Enjoy authentic Florence style Negroni’s without leaving the Capital. Pay tribute to its homage and to how the drink has swept the world.

Hosted by Campari brand ambassador, Tristram Fini who will be bringing guests two-classic Italian aperitive of choice, designed to open up appetites. Sip on your professionally made drinks designed to pair well with the Salumi & Formaggi board, while chatting Italian cocktails and how the obscure cocktail came to dominate the world.

While the Negroni blue print essentially abides by an even blend, 1:1:1 ratio of Campari, Vermouth and Gin, adaptions of the drink are more and more common based on whether the Negroni is playing the role of a pre-dinner or palate-cleanser.

Over 100 years the desire for established, sophisticated drinks remain prominent. Negroni is at the forefront of popularity, according to Drink International Publication, the alcohol heavy drink has maintained second place for most common drink ordered at a bar for the past 5 years.Dress up and have fun, a specially crafted drinks menu will also be available all night long. Open your palate around the art of Italian pre-dinner drinks. A time Italians cherish each day to unwind from the day’s stressors.

Joe’s bar is an intimate place to gather, celebrating Italian fare. Don’t miss the 100th birthday of Negroni!

Purchase your tickets before Monday 3 June to get an extra 2 drinks thrown into your night (and leave your cars at home!)

Tickets $45