It’s Saturday Night and you’re feeling fine, but your energy levels are disagreeing with you like a vegan at a BBQ cookout. The only option to ensure you’ll still be standing in Garema place at 2am is Mother Nature’s caffeine kick. But what kind of drink will get you going without feeling like your heart rate is at an emergency kind of level (Vodka Redbull is reserved strictly for 5am) – enter Espresso Martini! The perfect drink to carry you through the night on a high. We’ve collated the options and have made a list of Espresso Martini’s in Canberra that we know are Canberra’s faves and are worth a stab.

Sipping on an espresso whilst dancing to Salt-N-Pepa till dawn. This 80’s bar serves up delish martini’s that are high up on our list of espressos to try. They have jumped on the Nitro coffee trend circulating in the espresso world. Made by infusing cold-brewed coffee under pressure with nitrogen bubbles which creates a creamy, full-bodied taste. YUMMM!

Get Koko-Loko amongst the tropical getaway of Kokomo’s with an espresso in your hand. These cocktails can be enjoyed upstairs on the terrace or down on the dancefloor. These are a 10/10 on the espresso scale. Extra points for espressos with a coffee bean on top!

Lazy Su:
Also jumping on the Nitro Train trend, Lazy Su who are notorious for an array of cocktails with the espresso being highly popular. Sit back with one of these and take in the hustle and bustle of the lively restaurant. The Nitro perfectly blends coffee and alcohol to ensure that easy to swig down feelin’.

When you’ve tried them all and are seeking something a little different, Treehouse is the place to go. The signature espresso martinis are made with a vanilla vodka which is sure to satisfy the taste buds. Served in a chilled espresso glass these cocktails are sure to keep you coming back for more.

The luck of the Irish is delivered straight to your martini glass at Hopscotch. Hopscotch has an array of espresso martinis, but we would recommend the Irish. It’s certainly something worth spending your lucky Irish penny on. Made with Baileys and Jameson, espresso and sugar syrup this one will really get you going.