Thriving plant/nature based eatery Nosh is expanding into Canberra on Thursday 13 December at the Canberra Centre! With a focus on Poke and other nutritious, wholefoods, the Capital will be the first interstate store to open by the Melbourne brand.

To celebrate the launch, Nosh will kick things off with an evening of free poke and nori canapes, organic wine and a local DJ from 5.30-8pm. And, debuting its first ever kombucha on tap.

“The Canberra venue will differ to its interstate siblings as this venue will be the first Nosh catering for Friday evening drinks and after work catch ups. We’re serving an expanded premium offering that focuses further on our passion for good food, good vibes and good company,” says Nosh CMO (‘Chief Munching Offender’), Chloe Vuong. Tthe Canberra palette has grown to match that of its Melbourne and Sydney counterparts with numerous eateries now making a name for the Canberra food scene. We are absolutely delighted to be a part of a community that appreciates quality and innovation when it comes to fuelling our bellies”.

Their chef-driven menu is locally-sourced, with ingredients in their most natural form to create inspired and wholesome nutritious dishes.

“Our philosophy is simple. Eating with us should bring you joy; with a fun menu inspired by vibrant, incredibly tasty flavours”, says Vuong. “That’s why we cook from scratch and are building a community of people who support real food, made well”.