As the weather gets colder the drinks get stronger, well at least this is the case for East Hotel’s charming event series which started with rosé is now onto martinis and will eventually dip into Negroni. After personally attending the first event – Rosé Tasting Experience – I can solemnly say the hotel knows how to turn on an event. We started in a more social setting at Joe’s Bar, chowing down antipasto and learning about the popular pink drink while tasting rosé from different regions. Before heading into a more intimate dinner at Agostini’s with of course more wine!

The next event Thursday 9 May 6-9pm is a more private affair; East Hotel has engaged with Phillip A. Jones, the Martini Whisperer to bring Joe’s Bar an exclusive Martini Masterclass with matched foods for 40 people only! Guests will not only make their own martini under his expert guidance, but also enjoy another two bespoke versions whilst grazing on some delicious foods including antipasto on arrival, homemade arancini, gnocchi and dessert.

Phillip says martinis are a pre-dinner drink and pair well with full flavoured cheeses, so you’re in good hands at Joe’s Bar.

“Cocktail culture is back, we are now seeing places like Joe’s Bar who are committed to making great cocktails. On the night we will showcase a real synergy between craft spirits.”

Your ticket to cocktail paradise will get you a gin and tonic on arrival, you’ll learn how to personalise your own martini, how to make a great martini at home, and how to order in a martini fashion at a bar.

“There’s nothing like a cocktail to make you feel sophisticated, but often people aren’t sure how to order one,” Phillip says. “A martini is the only drink that you need to collaborate with your maker on how you want it created.”

There will also be a best martini comp judged by the Martini Whisperer himself and he will be sharing his secret dirty martini and espresso martini recipe for everyone to try with their dessert – perfect for a night cap.

Book a ticket, frock up, leave your car at home, and get ready to stir up a storm.

Joe’s Bar
69 Canberra Ave, Kingston
Thursday 9 May 6-9pm

Tickets $120

Martini Masterclass at Joe's Bar