This week we make promises to ourselves to be a better, perhaps even a totally transformed version of ourselves for the following 12 months.

In 2019 there is no need to self-flagellate into a diet and punish ourselves to be everything we aren’t – aka organised and great cooks. This year, you only need one resolution, and that is to commit to Macro Fresh Foods. As a result, you’ll see that list of goals including health, weight loss, routine and organisation being ticked off the list simultaneously.

After recognising a gap in the market for preprepared meals which are fresh, healthy and excite the taste buds, local chef Matthew Yuri hung up his apron in the realm of restaurants and focused his energy in producing accessible meals for locals using his 14 year’s experience as a chef.

Matt relooked at what is actually means to claim you’re ‘fresh,’ and came to the palpable conclusion that overboiled broccoli, dry chicken and a cup of rice which has a lifespan of upwards to 10-days is in fact not fresh at all. So instead of claiming to be ‘fresh’ and/or ‘chef made’ Matt decided to develop a new preprepared meals venture – Marco Fresh Foods – and stand behind his product as the chef creating the tasty meals.

The end result is a prep-meal service with an incredible 24-hour turnaround time! Is that fresh enough for you? Matt also looked into the fact that just because something isn’t frozen, doesn’t give it the right to be labelled ‘fresh,’ again he overcame this by developing a healthy relationship with the markets which includes a 7-day a week delivery run.

Interestingly, that’s not the only thing that sets Macro apart from the rest. While their meals cater to anyone looking for a health kick made easy lifestyle, the other side of their offerings includes customised meals for those with specific goals or calories they are trying to reach (or to suit dietary requirements). Matt found it important to introduce flexibility and variety within preprepared meals. He has since been the chef behind feeding athletes such as the Canberra Raiders, and developing meals for large groups taking part in the F45 challenge.


Matt adopts the same method of compiling a menu for Macro Fresh Foods as he would in a cafe, focussing on a flavour / texture balance. As the name suggests the menu is designed around the protein, carbs and fats food pillars. This summer you can expect light ingredients including shredded carrots, kale and cabbage. As far as meats go, you’ll never be bored with 8-hour slow-braised lamb or pulled beef – dishes Matt says are worthy to serve at a quality restaurant with the only difference being ingredients he swaps out to ensure satiety and clean eating.

“We base all our meals on fullness because we want you to feel nourished,” Matt says. “Healthy eating isn’t about always having cravings and trying to eat bulk salad only to be hungry two minutes later. Our portion sizes are solid because we don’t want people to give up.”

While Macro Fresh Foods has been feeding locals over the past 18 months, their news for 2019 includes the upcoming launch of deliveries. 

Give up all resolutions which have failed over the last decade and adopt the Macro Fresh Foods resolution which has proven results.

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