Kicking off this Friday 7 April, local artist Luke Chiswell is exhibiting his latest body of work Borrow Tomorrow at NewActon’s Nishi Gallery.

His new exhibition continues his work with themes of space, abstracting perception and scale. The process-driven series of paintings creates beauty out of simplicity and incorporates abstract elements, texture and depth.

His largest inspiration has come from his hometown, Collector, in NSW and his experiences in life to complete his artwork for his up-and-coming exhibition.

Luke has found and collected materials from his family farm and has managed to gather the feel of the land, take it in and reproduce it into his unique artworks. He uses all sorts of mediums in his pieces and has created everything under the sun including paintings, screen-printing and sculptures. It all depends on what he is feeling and the mood and message he is trying to portray.

He has said that sometimes his work has a message but most of the time he is just caught by an idea that he wants to get out into the world.

Luke has also worked with textile companies, producing patterns that can be seen on clothing items, which has further exemplified his popularity, and has had exhibitions in New York City and Los Angeles so Canberra, you’re very lucky that Borrow Tomorrow is showing here so exclusively!

His previous exhibition in 2014 at Nishi Gallery, Straight Face, had an urban feel and Luke is more than excited to present his work here again as he loves the arrangement of the space and layout of the gallery.


Borrow Tomorrow by Luke Chiswell 

Nishi Gallery, 17 Kendall Lane, Canberra ACT 2601

Opens 6pm Friday 7 April and continues until Sunday 7 May

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Image credit: Hotel Hotel