Mt. Stromlo Observatory is a haven for wonderment and education and has been since 1924. In this course spread out over three consecutive Monday’s you will learn about what we can look at beyond the stars… and if anything looks back. This intriguing one-off event will be hosted by the ANU Centre for Continuing Education and by Dr Brad Tucker (Astrophysicist and Cosmologist). He assures you that no prior knowledge of astronomy (or maths) is necessary – just bring your thirst for knowledge of the unexplored universe in which we live in. This course includes:

‘Life and Astronomy’ (week 1) will be an introduction to life in space from the context of astronomy. What does astronomy have to say about how realistic it is that other life forms exist, and can we visit them in the future?  We will explore topics such as exoplanets, the types of life that may possibly exist, all centred around the Drake equation of how much we are a part of this vast and mostly unknown universe we call the Milky Way.

‘Living in Space’ (week 2) you will explore the nature of living in space and being an inter-planetary species. Together we will examine the health effects of space travel and how it will impact future exploration.

‘What If There is Life in Space’ (week 3) what happens when we ask the question “Is Anybody Out There” and the answer is “Yes?” We will discuss topics such as, what happens to us if they are out there and what happens to them? If life is possible, why haven’t we come in contact with them? We will also examine how the laws of physics impact the practical aspects of space travel and living in space, including whether life from space has ever come to Earth.

Are we alone? Are there aliens out there? Will we ever visit them on their planet or even live on another planet? Come find out…

Monday, 16 March – 30 March from 6pm – 8pm.

This is an 18+ event. Tickets to the full event are available for purchase HERE