Transport your senses and satisfy your hunger cravings with a dining experience like no other. Launching on Wednesday 7 October Kokomo’s presents Krakatoa, a premium pop-up dining experience with an exclusive high-end Asian BBQ menu.

For a limited time only the venue will be running exclusive seatings inside their tropical dining room with temporary fit outs from Capezio and Copeland. Choose from two 8-course menus, ‘Omnivore’ and ‘Vegan’ and treat your taste buds to a unison of earthy and primal flavours, featuring fresh seafood and meats with smokey flavours, punchy chilli and raw tropical fruits and vegetables.

“While we have included some classic flavours that our diners are familiar with, we have reinterpreted them in a way that is completely new for us and shares our passion for innovative dining,” Chef Johnon says.

Many of us have experienced Kokomo’s bustling nightlife scene, Owners Pete and Michael Harrington assure us that the same atmosphere and energy that we know and love will still be bought to this unique dining experience.

“We have decided to temporarily shift our focus from the nightlife scene to dining, so we can utilise our space more efficiently and offer locals a menu that is innovative and celebrates the reopening of the hospitality industry,” says Pete.

Taking charge of the ‘new normal’, the duo behind Akiba and Sage Dining Rooms have acted fast and adapted to align with current measures while continuing to provide locals with great hospitality service. As you may have remembered the team were behind Akiba’s rapid response to at-home dining and free delivery featuring their unique ‘Quaran-tinnies’.

Now taking this approach to Kokomo’s they have decided to make the most out of the venues large space and bring locals Krakatoa, a first of its kind in Canberra combining high-end dining of Sage with the fresh and fiery scene at Akiba.

Experience it Wednesday to Saturday, 6pm-9.30pm. Secure your booking at Krakatoa