Mark these dates in your calendars people, February 3 and February 18. AKA Ice Cream for Breakfast day/s.

That’s right not one, but two days to celebrate your inner child. But why the two dates? February 3rd is the traditional day for Ice cream for breakfast day and was founded in 1960 New York by Florence Rappaport.

The story goes that one day Florence and her family were stuck in a blizzard on the first weekend of February when she said, “let’s have ice cream for breakfast!” Through word of mouth, features in newspapers and magazines the holiday spread nation-wide then internationally – and we can definitely see why!

February 18th, on the other hand, has a much more meaningful story behind it.

This day was founded in the early 2000s and is about awareness for childhood cancer. The day celebrates the joy of children and those who are taken away to young. It only makes sense to indulge in life’s little pleasures such as a child would, little pleasures like eating ice cream for breakfast.

Celebrate the two days with not just any ice cream but gourmet ice cream. Frugii Dessert Laboratory in Braddon, Pure Gelato in Mitchell and Stripey Sundae in Ginninderra Village are on top of the ice cream list in Canberra.

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