Nothing says “Happy Mothers day” quite like breakfast in bed. To celebrate your super mum here’s a guide on how to prepare the ultimate breakfast in bed, even if you’re not a pro in the kitchen!

  1. Be prepared

To make the ultimate breakfast you’re going to need to be prepared. This means going shopping for all the ingredients the day before and waking up early that morning.

  1. Plain porridge isn’t going to cut it

For Mums with a sweet tooth, we recommend French toast with a side of seasonal fruits, such as strawberries and figs. Or, if your mum prefers a savoury breakfast then you can’t go past creamy scrambled eggs on fresh sourdough. You can find fresh baked bread at Silo Bakery, Kingston, Knead Patisserie at the Belconnen Markets or Sonoma in Braddon.

  1. Takeaway breakfast

If you accidentally overcooked the eggs, all is not lost. Save the day with takeaway breakfast from Capital Pancakes served in bed. You don’t have to tell her that you weren’t the one who prepared it!

  1. Serve it on pretty plates

You eat with your eyes first, so take a moment to present the breakfast beautifully. Start with a beautiful plate for a solid foundation, and finish with a matching cup for her morning coffee. You never know, mum might even give you a shout out on her Instagram if her BinB is worthy.

  1. Flowers

Flowers are a foolproof gift – why not give them with breakfast? Whether it’s bouquet ordered from a florist like Moxom & Whitney or flowers handpicked from your garden, they’ll look stunning in a vase served with breakfast.

  1. Tray

Just as important as the plate the breakfast is served on is the tray that the meal is served on. You need something with high sides to ensure that any crumbs or spills don’t find their way into the bed.

  1. Clean up!

Mum shouldn’t be cleaning up her Mother’s Day breakfast. No excuses!

  1. If all else fails…

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