While in Melbourne We Are Found photographer, Deejay, caught up with Sydney-based blogger Andrew.

By day Andrew is an accountant but likes to stand out from the sea of black suits.

“I like to be flamboyant and stick out, so I guess I bring an element of style to a line of work not even remotely synonymous with fashion,” says Andrew.

His inspiration comes mostly from films and television. 

“I love to dress up and create a persona with every look. Whether I watch the Great Gatsby, James Bond, Suits or Power (among others). What I wear is a representation of characters that control their world and make an impact.”

The suit Andrew wears in this image is an item from sew253 bespoke. He worked with the designers to pick out the fabrics from scratch to create a classic yet stand out pieces that suit his ostentatious flair that he is known for.