Don’t get me wrong, making myself sick on chocolate bunny ears is an Easter highlight, but this, this is something special Easter has never seen before. When your mum invites you over and there’s a bag of ordinary hot cross buns waiting to be had for breakfast, politely tell her Canberra has something better to offer. Baby Su has turned the hot X bun into a Hot X Bao!

Picture a fluffy steamed bao with nutella, sultana, choc bits & easter spices – bao wow wow.

A twist on your regular Easter offering, the hot cross bao uses a pillowy-soft, Asian bread different to anything you’ll find at your local bakery. The humble bun is an Asian street food staple, and now with the little help of nutella the Hot X Bao will soon be a family Easter essential too.

Available Monday 15 April until sold out, hop into Easter with the Baby Su’s sweet Hot X Bao.

$3.5 Single / 6 for $15