In some awesome, yet scary news, Couchfood™ powered by BP home delivery service has partnered with Deliveroo to hand deliver out late-night cravings.

The retailer’s on-demand convenience product offering includes sweet and savoury must-haves such as Maltesers, Cadbury’s and Doritos as well as pantry essentials like bread and milk. Couchfood™ will also be offering consumers cool drinks and summer snacks such as ice cream – the perfect accompaniment to an evening in catching a film, or a BBQ in the backyard

You’ll never have to Netflix and chill without a snack again, or be without milk for your coffee on a seedy Sunday morning. So far, Braddon, Chisholm, Jamison, Kingston and Watson have the service in Canberra which has been rolled out Nationwide to some 120 BP sites.