Warm up your gaming thumbs, we are kicking 2020 off with a new mobile game developed by two locals! After a sneak peek, our predictions are this game is going to be very addictive, and we are just glad it came out during the holidays so we can get some solid playing hours in.

“After endless years of doing boring office tasks a Grumpy Dwarf decides to ditch his job in an attempt to become rich by mining the treasures under his old grandfather's house. A friendly fairy will help guide you and the dwarf through this perilsome quest to find the riches and secrets that await below.”

A lover of RPGs, Adventure and Strategy games we chat to co-developer Benjamin Salgado about his very own game.

With lots of games on the market, what sets yours apart?

Grumpy Dwarf is a retro inspired mobile game with colourful pixel art, a funny main character and interesting mechanics such as an "anger bar”. The player has to keep the anger low or the dwarf, who has anger management issues, might just decide to quit the game!

Unlike a lot of mobile games, Grumpy Dwarf has a well-defined goal and end. Traverse through 8 levels of peril, each with its own unique and pumpy soundtrack, environment and beautiful pixel art graphics. Prepare to face different enemies and challenges to overcome, and do not expect it to be easy!

If you like a good challenge with a couple fun twists to it Grumpy Dwarf is the game for you. Will you be the one to help the Dwarf find riches and treasures beyond his wildest dreams?

What inspired you to create this game?

The mobile game market is oversaturated with repetitive and endless games that while addictive can some times be a bit tiresome. Because of this we decided to create a challenging and fun mobile game with clear objectives and a short story to accompany some good and fun game mechanics!

The game is 8 levels deep. Each level with its own music, art and enemies. The final objective is to find the treasure that awaits at the bottom of the game.

So, just how long does it take to develop a game?

The project of making a game started over 4 years ago with a different team, sadly there were some problems with that team and the first game we were making was dropped before we could finish and release it. Grumpy Dwarf has been about 2-3 years in the making.

How many people worked on the project?

We are two developers from Canberra both of us are ANU alumni and we both work on the coding side of the game. For our next project we would be quite interested in speaking to people who might want to participate, particularly artists which we outsourced this time around. Anyone interested can contact us in [email protected]

How can we play and is it free?

From the 10th of January you can get it on iPhone or Android, and it will be free supported by ads.

And you can also see more about the game at


and https://diggingame.com