Ever since the ‘Catch ya later’ sign was hoisted on Lonsdale Street after the closure of the beloved fish and chip shop Catch, we have been eagerly waiting for Grease Monkey to reveal what will take its place.

For the last four years Grease Monkey has been the comfort food haven serving up burgers, beers and fried chicken. As they approach their 1,000,000th burger, they wanted to bring something new to the table in true Greasy style.

PIZZA. But not just any style pizza. Canberra will see its first Detroit-style Pizza (DSP).

So what is a DSP you ask?

Thinking outside of the circle, this pizza is cooked in a square pan to crispy and cheesy perfection.

“The pizza itself is possibly the best we’ve tasted. Think light, thick and crispy, specialty cheese blends, heaps of sauce and toppings. The unique thing about DSP is its shape – it’s cooked in a ‘square’ pan, inspired by auto part trays from the Motor City itself. Because of the shape, the cheese caramelizes around the outside of the pizza, so make sure you get to the corner pieces first.”

There’ll be roughly eight pizzas, some classics and some new, including vegan and gluten-free options. All the pizza bases will be made in-house and each pizza is cooked in a specialty oven for six minutes to ensure the same delicious taste every time.

One lucky customer will even walk away with a years’ worth of Greasy’s pizza as a celebratory opening gift.

Things are about to get a whole lot greasier.