Another week of GourMay is done and dusted! And what a delicious week it was! On Sunday we took a trip to Italy with a seafood pasta from L’Americano, then through the week we had a French bistro classic from Buvette, after-work cocktails and pizza from Volstead Repeal, tender lamb riblets from Wakefield’s, a seasonal pork neck dish from Braddon Merchant, Lilotang’s popular wagyu brisket and finally, we ended on a very unique pizza from Yaki Boi.

But what got us even more excited were the exclusive experiences up for grabs from each venue as part of GourMay.

Have you seen them yet? Well, here’s a recap of another delicious week of GourMay.


L’Americano Espresso Bar

Spaghetti Allo Scoglio

Transporting you to the Italian Riviera, L’Americano Espresso Bar has an inspiring menu of beloved Italian classics. Nothing screams summer in Sicily more than a seafood pasta. The Spaghetti allo Scoglio is a Southern Italian classic, made with king prawns, scallops, mussels, calamari, white wine, garlic and parsley. With each twirl of our fork, the simple, no-fuss dish promises beautifully fresh seafood amongst perfect al dente pasta, all tossed through with an olive oil and white wine sauce. 

2020 Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio 

It’s only right that an Italian dish be served with an Italian wine. On the palate, the Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio is bright, fruity and crisp with a delicate aroma, the perfect addition to a seafood pasta.

The experience: L’Americano Seafood Pasta & Wine Pairing  

Taste the food culture of the Italian Riviera through a meal pairing of L’Americano’s spaghetti allo Scoglio and Alois Lageder Pinot Gris for $45. Get your GourMay code.


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Jack’s Creek Sirloin, Café De Buvette Butter, Frites & Salad

A sophisticated bistro with a traditional Parisian feel, Buvette boasts seasonality and vibrancy through their French-style cuisine. Presenting a quality cut and perfectly cooked steak, the locally sourced, grain-fed Jack’s Creek sirloin has been cared for with the quality to deliver a well-rounded, flavourful steak. Topped with Buvette’s special butter, adding flavour and gorgeously melting over the sides, then paired with fries and salad, this is an effortless, unbeatable dish. 

St Hallet Butcher’s Cart Shiraz  

The perfect steak goes hand-in-hand with a full-bodied Australian shiraz. The St Hallet Butcher’s Cart Shiraz from the Barossa Valley has a rich blueberry and dark cherry flavour note with an opulent palate that complements the bold flavour of the red meat, alongside the supportive tannins that work to cut through the rich marbling. 

The experience: Buvette $35 Express Lunch  

Elevating your lunch break, Buvette is offering a $35 express lunch of any one of their mains with a glass of wine, beer, or soft drink. Get the GourMay code.


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Volstead Repeal

Truffle Salami Pizza with Buffalo Mozzarella, Parmesan & Fresh Basil

Creating those perfect late-night vibes, Volstead Repeal’s slick bar is reminiscent of a Post-Prohibition New York, with its wood-lined bar, deep green leather lounges and whisky menu. The relaxed setting offers a bespoke menu of pizza and charcuterie where cheese and whisky, and pizza and cocktail combos are strongly encouraged. Using simple flavours to maximise flavour, try their mouth-watering truffle salami pizza with buffalo mozzarella, parmesan and basil. Each bite offers a crispy, yet cheesy combination with that beautiful kick of flavour from the salami. 

Rockin’ Robin  

Volstead’s Rockin’ Robin uses the team’s love for whisky to create a booze driven cocktail that packs a punch! Made with Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Hazy IPA reduction, cucumber and hopped grapefruit bitters, as the smoky and bitterness hits you first, a lovely tang from the grapefruit then follows.

The experience: Volstead Blind Tasting Grand Prix 

Fancy yourself a whisky connoisseur? Put your palate to the test at Volstead‘s first Blind Tasting Grand Prix. 

Two rounds of mystery whisky 
Round 1: Match 4 whiskies to the 5 options provided (1 decoy). 
Round 2: Earn points for identifying the whisky’s features. Highest total is the winner. 

1st Prize: A whisky from the Volstead stash & a special surprise gift. 

Entry is $50. Book now.


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Wakefield’s Bar & Wine

Margra Lamb Riblets, Coriander, Cucumber & Crushed Peanuts

The inviting charm of Wakefield’s Bar & Wine embraces a vintage feel with warm timbers, accents of burgundy and jade, cosy lounge areas and live music. With a regularly changing menu, for May enjoy the Margra lamb riblets with coriander, cucumber and crushed peanuts. Tossing the lamb through a lip-smacking combination of soy sauce, sweet chili, honey and garlic, they are then topped with coriander, cucumber, peanuts and a final zest of lime. 

Green Thumb  

One of Wakefield’s most popular original cocktails, the Green Thumb is made with Green Fairy absinthe, St Germain elderflower, lime, sugar, cucumber and egg white. Served in a chilled glass, the cocktail picks up subtle flavours of anise from the absinthe and is sweet yet refreshing.

The experience: Wakefield’s Australian Wine Tastings

For the month of May Wakefield’s is running a range of $49 Australian wine tasting menus. Each menu showcases six wines, each from different regions.  

Pouring with a Coravin, you’ll have the chance to taste some of Australia’s top-quality wines without buying a bottle. Get your 20% off GourMay code.


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Braddon Merchant

Roast Pork Neck, Stone Fruit, Dandelion & Pernod Mustard

Braddon Merchant’s modern European cuisine is presented with ample sophistication and quality seasonal flavours. The succulent roast pork neck is served in slices with sweet, juicy stone fruits, a dollop of creamy, golden Pernod mustard that adds a subtle anise flavour and a peppery dandelion finish. Delightfully dancing between seasons, this dish is a perfect expression of Braddon Merchant’s good, honest food philosophy.

2020 Head ‘Hearts & Home’ Dry Red Cabernet Shiraz 

From the Barossa Valley’s award-winning Head Wines, Braddon Merchant shares with us a beautifully smooth blend that heroes the region’s two hero grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. ‘Hearts & Home’ is full of dark fruit flavours and an abundance of smooth tannins. Getting in line with the seasonal change in Canberra, this red feels like a warm embrace.

The experience: Braddon Merchant Chef’s Selection Experience

Championing fresh produce and local suppliers, try the signature Braddon Merchant Chef’s selection this May. Featuring five share-style courses for $99pp, it’s the best way to take a tour through the menu and try weekly specials. Get the GourMay code.


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Slow Cooked Wagyu Brisket MB8 with Soy Glaze, Wilted Spinach and Fried Shallot

Inspired by traditional minimalism and the electric visuals of urban Japan, Lilotang brings a unique style of Japanese cuisine to Canberra. Presenting one of their showstopping dishes, try the slow-cooked wagyu brisket with a soy glaze, wilted spinach and fried shallots. Not overdone with dramatic flavours, the MB8 wagyu is pure melt-in-your-mouth heaven with rich and decadent flavours that are not overpowered by the soy glaze and shallots, but rather perfectly complimented.


Will it be bold and smooth, tangy and refreshing or sharp and sweet? Each week Lilotang champions a new Sake-tini special that promises a delicious shot of sake with the perfect citrus, botanicals and spices. 

The experience: Lilotang 8 for $80 

Let Lilotang’s Head Chef do the deciding and choose their feed me menu of eight dishes for $80. Get your GourMay code.


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Yaki boi 

Takoyaki Party Pizza with Prawns, Octopus & Bonito Flakes

Intriguing Canberrans with their wacky fusion of American and Japanese cuisine, Yaki Boi promises pizza toppings you’ve never tried before. Presenting a Takoyaki pizza with a mayo base, wild prawns, fresh octopus, caramelised onion, bonito flakes, black sauce and mayo, you’ve just got to taste it for yourself to experience the unique flavour combinations. 

Salted Caramel Espresso Martini  

The reliable espresso martini is never overlooked on a good night out. Adding a salted caramel element, Yaki Boi gives you that coffee and spirit hit you know and love.

The experience: Yaki Boi Signature Cocktails & Specials 

Join Yaki Boi on their outdoor balcony and warm up with their outdoor heaters and punchy cocktails! The Yaki Specials include delicious cocktails like passionfruit mojito, lychee bellini and a princess martini. Get your GourMay code.


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