You may remember them for Bruce, modern Indian restaurant Gan Jees has relocated to Lonsdale street to flex their vibrant personality and push the boundaries on traditional Indian food.

Neetu and her husband Puneet’s are shaking things up, expect the spices you know and love, melded in the most modern ways. Gan Jees new Lonsdale St menu combines traditional Indians flavours with a modern application.

“To us Indian food in Australia has become boring. We want to change perception, evolve with the times and make the food more health conscious with a lighter touch. We are using extra-virgin olive oil in the kitchen over ghee, steering away from creams and added sugars and complementing dishes that would usually be gravy and meat with fresh produce.” Executive Chef and co-owner Puneet said.

To paint the experimental picture -lamb rogan josh is reimagined in a croquette with papadum crumb, chaat are stacked with avo and pomegranate, charcoal salmon evolves into a charming pakora and samosa at Gan Jees isn’t just samosa. Puneet promises diners his menu is anything but predictable.

“Traditional Indian cuisine belongs in India. We want look after our customers tastes and needs here which is why we have untraditionally introduced pork, beef and seafood to our menu. We are proud Indians we respect our culture but at the end of the day we chose Australia, so we’ve adapted our food culture to suit,” he says.

Gan Jees is further known for their 32 dish chef tasting menu – packed with flavours you’ll never tie of and their catering options too. The drinks list is a little fun too. Order a tequila shot with a salt foam head and lime caviar filling for a drink you’ll actually enjoy getting down.

Head to Lonsdale street to give them a warm welcome.