Erindale Vikings Club, the first licensed club in Canberra, has become somewhat of an institution as the culinary delights of its onsite restaurant, Kutas, continues to draw a huge crowd thanks to its versatility, atmosphere and an enticing menu that will have your mouth watering before you’ve even ordered.

Open for lunch and dinner every day, Kutas’ atmosphere is its true hero. Whether it’s catching up with old friends over a leisurely lunch, enjoying a beer and burger at halftime or grabbing dinner with the family for a night out, Kutas is perfect for all occasions!

Its menu boasts an amazing variety of classic dishes that Canberrans all know and love, but with a unique twist. There is truly something for everyone on its extensive menu, from small bites to oozing cheesy pizzas and a bountiful selection of seafood and meat options.

The Salt and Lemon Pepper Calamari is the perfect light choice to share among friends or start off a feast. The crispy batter evenly coats the calamari which is perfectly complimented by delicious lime aioli and served on a bed of fresh lettuce.

What menu would be complete without a great pizza? The 12-inch Base Pizza with Mozzarella is a staple at Kutas – with lashings of creamy buffalo mozzarella atop juicy cherry tomatoes and basil, served on a crispy bubbling base. Need we say more?

In the summer time, it’s hard to go past the delights of fresh seafood. The Kuta Catch is a seafood basket dream, with ale battered Barramundi, crumbed prawn cutlets and panko crumbed calamari rings. The batter of the fish was crisp and golden, flaking as we piled it onto our forks – the epitome of crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

While the natural pacific oysters added a refreshing and creamy touch to the dish. Served with delicious hot, fluffy chips, a fresh salad and house-made tartare sauce, you are sure to be left feeling happily satisfied by this dish.

Next was the Char Grilled Porterhouse Steak– a juicy cut of steak is something often none of us can go past on a menu, and Kutas did not disappoint. Not only is the steak a feast for the eyes, it was mouthwateringly tender with every bite as succulent as the last. Rubbed in a spicy marinade, the meat is cooked to perfection – just the way you like it! A generous stack of crispy chips and aioli compliment this dish effortlessly, making it a must-try on the menu.

For a big finale try the Victory Burger, but be warned this dish is not for the faint-hearted. We went all out and choose the Big Guy (two beef patties) served with bacon, melted Monterey Jack Cheese, zingy tomato relish, truffle aioli and a side of chips. The crispy texture of the bacon intertwined with two juicy, succulent beef patties is the perfect blend of meaty extravagance to indulge in – and it’s all wedged between a toasted Turkish roll.

The mountain of onion rings atop the burger creates a tantalising apex of all the glorious layers you get with every mouthful. Definitely a highlight if you’re a lover of dude food – just imagine washing it down with a nice cold beer. That’s living.

If you’re on the hunt for a new south -side local, make Kutas at Erindale Vikings your next destination for a bite to eat. With such a flavour-filled and diverse menu, we promise you will enjoy the lively yet relaxed atmosphere and leave with a satisfied belly!